Shapeshifters, by Montréal-based choreographer Hacault, is an impeccably articulated, endearing and at times unapologetically kitschy work that morphs seamlessly from dream to nightmare and back again. A giant yellow plush lion floats in and out throughout the piece, animated by three dancers, inviting us into a world that is both childlike and explosive. As the choreography unfolds, the four dancers move in and out of sequences, during which they each seem tangled in their inner lives – sometimes demonic and other times playful.

Kyra Jean Green and Jee Lam perform a memorable duet in which they alternatingly hold each other up only to slip through the other’s arms, capturing the desperation of trying to help someone while being unable to stand on your own two feet. In another section, the performers mime the lyrics in Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors. The result is purposefully devoid of emotion. It mocks Lauper’s call to reveal our true selves, acknowledging that such a revelation would leave us helplessly exposed to each other’s tender inner worlds – dreams and nightmares included.
— Lucy Fandel at The Dance Current
Transfixing!! She could convert the most stubborn of hearts to the absolute magical experience of dance.
— Heather Bishop, Musician, Activist, Juno Award Winner

La Liberté

Winnipeg free press - the uptown

Visually arresting
— Michelle Palansky
Eye-popping imagery
— Holly Harris, Winnipeg Free Press
The works were persuasive without becoming maudlin, potent yet not overbearing and danced with the conviction of dancers who know how to take to the stage.
— Brent Lott (Artistic Director of Winnipeg's Contemporary Dancers)